Project Assessment

Information I will need

  • Board foot content of logs?
  • Mill site size and accessibility?
  • Cut list/lumber list?
  • Where are logs located, city/town?


“Thank You Ron, for helping me figure out how much lumber I can get from my logs. Greg”

Need help with pricing your sawmill project? Use the form below to send me some details and I can provide you with some helpful information.

Price Estimate

I will need to collect and assess information for pricing your sawmill project. In order to make an accurate estimate and total price I will need to determine the details on the left, a count of logs and their size. Information about the mill site and it’s accessibility. A cut list or lumber list and the location where I will need to travel. In most cases I will be able to give you a flat price to complete the entire job. Sometimes this might be a daily rate to travel to your site for a single or multiple day event and can be calculated into a flat board foot price.

For very small projects you may be able to bring your logs to me in a pickup or trailer. In this case I charge $125.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.