Large or Small Job Advantages

I can cut your cost by a significant amount

Have a single tree, or maybe a small timber lot? Every portable sawmill project I tackle will receive the same attention to quality and service that makes for a cost effective, efficient operation.

Advantages, Compared to a stationary sawmill:


  •        I saw the logs at your site, eliminates transporting logs to a stationary sawmill
  •        No sawmill mix ups, always ensures you receive the lumber sawn from your logs
  •        Eliminate handling, no return trips to the sawmill to pick up the finished lumber
  •        Narrow band saw kerf technology provides up to 33% more lumber
  •        Sawing charge is comparable to a stationary mill, and much less when lumber
  •        recovery rate and transportation costs are considered
  •        Log owners can help off bear the lumber and save even more
  •        The band saw mill gives a smoother finish compared to a circle blade sawmill
  •        Opportunity to monitor and change your cut list needs with each log
  •        Efficient and accurate when sawing logs up to 36” in diameter and 20’ long
  •        Minimal waiting, call for an appointment when you start harvesting your trees

Advantages, Compared to a retail purchase:


  •        One on one customer relationship, no middleman or store clerk      
  •        Save 75% of your construction lumber costs using your own trees
  •        Huge savings when cutting large beams and timbers
  •        Custom sizes lumberyards don’t carry or need to order from a sawmill
  •        I saw to your cut list, custom plans and patterns welcome
  •        Get full size framing lumber, a 2 x 4 is 2 x  4”,  or 1½” x 3½.”
  •        Saw Oak, burl, Olive, CherryWalnut and Maple for woodworking projects
  •        Save from $5.00 to $10.00 per board foot when compared to retail outlets.