Prepare for Milling

Preparing for an efficient sawmill operation

Saving money is always a consideration. If you have storm damaged or dying trees on your property, it could benefit you to have them milled into lumber rather than paying to have them disposed of.

Logs and Mill Site

This is where your logs should be stacked and prepared, ready to begin milling. The better prepared you are the more cost effective your project will be. I will need to position my portable sawmill right in front of your logs. They should have all branches cut close to the log, clean, and in an area with enough room to drive up to them with a pick-up towing a sawmill. The cost of your project will go up if logs are not assembled in one area and don’t have all the limbs removed. As your Sawyer if I need to stop milling and move logs or trim branches then production will go down and the price of your lumber goes up. That means that I am doing something other than cutting lumber with my sawmill and that means you will have less lumber at the end of the day.

And finally, help.

If you are able to lend a hand this will keep the Sawyer making sawdust instead of offloading lumber, stacking, cleanup and moving logs. Many Sawyers will bring a helper for the times when log and land owners are not able to provide help. But beware! This is hard work. Everyone will be worn out at the end of the day.