Versatile Portable Sawmill Service

I can set up in remote forest locations, downtown driveways or backyards.

With an average production rate of 2,000 board foot (bdft) a day my Wood-Mizer hydraulic sawmill I can self load logs weighing up to 4000 pounds. For larger projects with support equipment and additional help for stacking lumber and keeping the mill-site clean and organized the daily production can increase to as much as 3,000 bdft a day.

I travel throughout California, Oregon and Nevada to bring my portable sawmill to your location. If you have a small one day project of 2,000 > bdft, or a 100,000 bdft lasting for weeks or months I can get the job done.

Supplying service’s and products ranging from raw materials to completed projects. I can turn your logs into lumber for construction, fencing or hardwood flooring and trim. If you have the trees, I can cut any size you may need.

What is a board foot?