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Customer oriented portable sawmill service for small, medium or large commercial projects.

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set-up most anywhere to meet your needs

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attention to quality control and production

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Large and Small Projects

individuals and commercial clients welcome

Helpful Information

Learn the lingo, scale your logs or lumber, get some forms to help you.

Transform your logs into valuable lumber. Should I mill fence boards, timbers or live edge slabs?

Find information about log and lumber scales. What is a board foot? Lumber Grading. Do I need to grade my lumber? Learn how a portable sawmill service can save you time and money

Download a cut list, custom sawmill contract, Scribner log scale, Doyle log scale, International 1/4 inch log scale


Our Team

Sawyer and stacker. If you provide help that is great. However it is hard work and a helper is a must for projects that will last a full day or longer.

Sawyer / Project Manager

Helper (when needed)

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